College of Engineering

InstructorG. BEAUCAGE
QuarterSpring 1999: (99-03)
Respondent Size8
Class Size12
Quarter Size (Students)890
Quarter Size (Classes)105

N/AQuarter AverageClass Average
1Planning and organization of course. 53000 0 4.20 4.62
2Conveying ideas and concepts in an understandable manner. 43100 0 4.05 4.38
3Teaching in a style that holds my attention. 42110 0 3.83 4.12
4Encouraging interactive class participation when appropriate. 43100 0 4.08 4.38
5Motivating and challenging me to learn course material. 61100 0 4.04 4.62
6Communicating relevance of course content to my engineering education. 51200 0 4.15 4.38
7Answering students' questions thoroughly. 53000 0 4.17 4.62
8Emphasizing analytical thinking skills as opposed to memorizing information. 71000 0 4.31 4.88
9Using examples of practical engineering application to facilitate learning. 71000 0 4.19 4.88
10Approachability and availability to assist me. 71000 0 4.35 4.88
11Willingness to discuss and review difficult points during lectures. 71000 0 4.32 4.88
12Creating exams and quizzes of appropriate length. 71000 0 4.05 4.88
13Speaking skills. 42200 0 4.22 4.25

N/AQuarter AverageClass Average
14The text helped me to learn the material. 52100 0 3.69 4.50
15The instructor's lectures increased my understanding of material beyond what I gained from the text. 62000 0 4.12 4.75
16The instructor's learning aids (text supplements, handouts, etc.) helped me learn the material. 61100 0 4.11 4.62
17The assigned homework helped me to learn the material. 23000 3 4.38 4.40

The number of times the instructor started class late or ended class early.0-12-34-56-78 or moreAverage
Class Responses80000 5.00
Quarter Responses692127361025 4.63

The number of times the instructor canceled class without attempting to reschedule.01234 or moreAverage
Class Responses80000 5.00
Quarter Responses780921044 4.84

The instructor announced exams at least one week in advance.YesNoN/AAverage
Class Responses800 5.00
Quarter Responses79760 4.97

Question Numbers Weighted
Class Average
Quarter Average
Instruction 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,15,16,17 4.57 4.15
Organization 1,10,12,18,19,20 4.89 4.50

See the above data as graphs

Free Response Questions

1) Describe at least one thing you like about this course or professor

  • Cares about students on individual basis.

  • His willingness to get things into student's head. He gives chances to improve your performance in the course.

  • I was challenged to learn the materials relaterd to this course.

  • One quiz per week helped me learn a lot and keep up-to-date the material that was taught. A visiting scientist giving a couple of lectures which gave insight into more practical applications.

  • can understand more based on this course

    2) Describe at least one improvement you feel would benefit this course or professor.

  • Dr. Beaucage is a good professor and a very good person. He is kind to his students, very approachable, and he knows his subject. I think he should be made a permanent professor because he will be definitely be an asset to UC.

  • The professor should write more clearly on the blackboard in the class.

  • concentrating more on certain topics and making the course more oriented.

  • evaluate the quiz averagely. I feel sometimes the professor is strict, sometimes he is a little loose so that I can't guess my quiz exam.

    3) If your answer to any question between #1 and #17 was `D' or `E', please identify the question number and explain why.

  • None