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Greg Beaucage and Research Group Page
Chemical and Materials Engineering
niversity of Cincinnati

G. Beaucage, CV.doc, CV.pdf, Summary Table of Teaching Evaluations; Publication List 2016.doc;
Publications.doc 2007, Publications.pdf, 10 in situ SAXS Refs, Protein Folding, Gels , Scaling Model
Nanodispersion Papers
Planned Center for Emergent Hierarchical Materials (CHEM)
513 556-3063
492 Rhodes Hall
Lab: 410 Rhodes Hall
551 ERC (Lab: 513 556-2899, Fax: -3473 or -3443)
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CLASSES (Web Texts, All Exams/Assignments, Labs, Lab Data, Click Name)

Advanced Materials Thermodyanmics

Qualifier Questions:
Poly. Phys. 2016 Fall, 2017 Spring, 2017 Fall , 2018 Spring, 2018 Fall, 2019 Spring, 2020 Fall, 2020 Spring, 2020 Fall No Qualifier,
2021 Spring Thermo
, 2021 Spring PolyPhys, 2021 Fall Thermo, 2021 Fall PolyPhys, 2023 Spring Thermo

Materials Science Graduate Seminar

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Morphology of
Complex Materials

Polymer Characterization

Polymer Processing
and Lab


X-ray Diffraction
and Lab

Polymer Physics


Introduction to
Polymer Science

Mechanics of Materials

Polymer Dynamics

Polymer Analysis

Small-Angle Scattering
 of X-rays and Neutrons

(In Development)

Polymer Morphology

Properties of Materials
CME 3000

Materials and Energy Balances
ChE 3064

Solar Power
for Africa
CME 3010

Senior Project Proposal
(1 Credit)

Introduction to Chemical and Materials Engineering  (1 Credit)
CME 101, CME 100

Ryan Breese
Modeling of Polymer Processes

Ferrocene High School Teaching Module


Table of Teaching Record/Evaluations


in situ Flame Studies.pdf, Nature Materials
Silica Premixed Flame SAXS and TEM, J. Appl. Phys.

Unified Function Paper 1 (Generic Scattering Law).pdf
Applied to Mass Fractal Systems.pdf
Determination of Branch Content in Polymers
and Aggregates (9/2004).pdf

Long Chain Branching in Polyolefins (2009)
Short Chain Branching in Polyolefins (2008)

Unified applied to Scaling Transition at Persistence Length.pdf

Polydispersity Index, sg and s from scattering.pdf

Unified and Correlated Systems (Correlation Peaks using Born-Green Approximation)

IGOR program and manual for Unified/Max. Entropy/Other Data Analysis in SAS
by Jan Ilavsky at UNICAT, APS, Argonne National Laboratory USA (*****)

Equilibrium Swollen Gel Theory, ESG Experimental


Nanostructured Oxide Powders
Aero-Sol-Gel Reactor (ASG)

Chem. of Mat.: cm9703482.pdf
Langmuir: SAXS for Silica/Titania.pdf
Foresight Applications.pdf
JNPR Paper (in press).pdf
Carbon Filled Polyethylene 

Graduate Student:  Doug Kohls

Aerosols:  In Situ Studies of Nucleation and Growth
of Nanomaterials on the Micro to Millisecond Scales

Nature Materials: In Situ Flame Studies.pdf

Graduate Students:  Nikhil Agashe, Doug Kohls

ETHZ: Rainer Jossen, Hendrik Kammler

Polymer Physics

Recent Summary:
Chain Scaling (9/2004)

Theory: Equilibrium Swollen Networks.pdf

Macromolecules: Scaling in Blends.pdf
Macromolecules Persistence in Polymers.pdf
JPS, PPed Non-Woven Polymer Analogues

Graduate Student:  Amit Kulkarni

Sol-Gel Research

Graduate Student:  Doug Kohls


Scattering Theory

Connectivity, minimum, and mass fractal dimension
and branch fraction/aggregate polydispersity from scattering.pdf

Derivation of Unified Function.pdf

Unified for Linear Mass-Fractals.pdf

Graduate Student:  Amit Kulkarni

Semi-Crystalline Polymers
and Orientation Studies

Recent Summary of
Orientation Studies (9/2004)

Ryan Breese Review of Mechanics/Orientation

Bafna, Beaucage, Mirabella.pdf

Scattering Theory for 3D Orientation Studies

Graduate Student involved in this work:
Rryan Beese, Ayush Bafna,
Harshad Chavan, Amit Kulkarni
Copyright (c) 1998 to 2008

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